Living with the seasons: Remember yourself aligning with your inner and true nature

Is there any distance between the life you live and the life you want? What is the next step in your journey? What are the skills you need to flow in the river of life, bringing resources where they are needed?
There is a great shift in conciousness in the last decades. The collective eye opened. We find ourselves in the same space with friends and enemies who we earlier thought to be far away.  We are being kicked into responce ability .  What if the current world crisis is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, and be the needed solution?

Sounds true: Access to essential information

We have studied all the traditions to distill the essence and come to the source of all wisdom. You can only discover the world in yourself, get to know the true human being by living it, discover your own kindness, beauty, generosity. That is what the world is asking from you now.

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Learning is about honesty. If you have not learned how to be true to yourself, admit it and celebrate! Your journey has began!

The Sounds True foundation

You are entering the world of spiritual wisdom of all times in action now! Innovation needs great networks of collaboration. You can find exactly the kind of support and guidance you need for your self-realization here. 

Seasons meditations

Humanity used to worship nature, the god of the forest, the sun, and the planets. The appearance of man gods coincided with ecocide, the trauma of the desert. No water, no paradise.                        Is that true for you?                         Can you be the human being that takes care of everyone and everything? Living with the seasons you reconnect with the source of our earth and its earthlings, and learn how to live in your true nature.

Forum for free Education

Here you are asked to offer your wisdom and your skills for free to everyone and receive the gifts of others. The people who need your help don't know you yet. Life made you exactly as you are for a purpose. Your immediate environment is your door to the universe. Reach out, give a hand, give a smile, be present in the world of today, live as humans will live after collective trauma is healed, and be the human being that is successful and accomplished in the eyes of grace. Connect, take your place in the digital and the real world, here.

Collective unconcious

This is the solar system depicted on the ceiling of Epidayros, the largest asclepeion in Ellas. These sacred healing sites were 365, located by the earth herself, and not the people. How did the ancients know the exact location of the planets in the solar system? We can assume they knew the planets in the same way they knew to go to these healing sites and go through self-healing in a meditative manner, without personal guidance. As it is known they were healed in their dreams. 

Collective trauma needs to be healed collectively

Trauma healing for acupuncturists

Strategies for trauma healing were primarily handed down by SunSiMiao.

Acupuncture has a privilege in the healing of trauma because acupuncture points can address it directly.

What is needed is a diagnosis of the dominant emotion and knowing when the client is ready.

Trauma healing for therapists

Trauma healing needs to include life after trauma, and the integration of the power that was blocked by the trauma. 

Essential life skills

Some of the new skills we need to show up on New Earth are honesty, connecting, gratitude, generosity, freedom of thought and speech, loving kindness, dying and letting go

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