Courses in becoming the all beneficent human

Platos cave: Making sense, learning how to learn

Healing by Living with the seasons: Bridging the distance between the life you live and the life you want

Collective healing: The collective eye has opened. We find ourselves in the same space with friends and enemies we thought were far away. We are called to be the solution

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Learning how to learn is about honesty.


Plato's cave

Education for many of us has meant the loss of internal authority.

Our collective consciousness has been obscured, and our trust in what is true shaken. We are coming out of artificial shadows, to study the true reflections of sunlight, moving to enlightenment, recognizing universal mind in all sentient beings. Together we can free our minds and bodies from limitations and traumas that care not ours. We are sharing the life we live and the gratefulness of being human


Collective healing

We are healing by jumping in the river and swimming. Healing does not come from what we know already. It is a collective novel, a discovery. We have been entranced,  paralyzed by teachers, priests, salesmen and politicians telling us what is black and what is green, what to eat and where to go.

Collective healing is to be together as equals and in all inclusiveness, each one of us leading in their own quality and expertise.


Living with the Seasons

Humanity used to worship the sun.  The Seasons are movements of sunlight. People were not only honoring these movements with meditation and ritual. They were adjusting their life, even their political systems to the seasons. The appearance of desert religions and man gods has meant ecocide, the trauma of the desert. No water, no paradise.                       

Is that true for you? Can you be the human being that takes care of everyone and everything? Living with the seasons you reconnect with the source of our earth and its earthlings, and learn how to live in your true nature.

Basic codes of life

This is the solar system depicted on the ceiling of Epidauros, the largest Asclepeion in Ellas. These sacred healing sites were 365, created by the earth herself. The ancients knew to go to these healing sites in a meditative manner, without human guidance. They were visited by Asclepeios, the god of medicine and healed in their dreams. 

Forum for free Education

Here you are asked to offer your wisdom and your skills for free to everyone and receive the gifts of others. The people who need your help don't know you yet. Life made you exactly as you are for a purpose. Your immediate environment is your door to the universe. Reach out, connect, take your place in the digital and the real world, be the solution to global and collective transformation.

Trauma healing for acupuncturists

We will be exploring strategies for trauma healing including those handed down by Sun Si Miao.

Acupuncture has a privilege in the healing of trauma because acupuncture points can address the emotion and related points and meridians directly. What is needed is a diagnosis of the dominant emotion and a trusting connection with the client, including knowing when the client is ready.

Collective and ancestral trauma

Trauma healing needs to include life after trauma, and the integration of the quality that was blocked by the trauma. That is often something that is missing in the family system and means ahealing through past and future generations

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