My story

Have you noticed that your story keeps changing?

Your story is always in relationship to... in this case learning. My friends who understand astrology tell me that 5 planets in Virgo means that I live to learn, and now that i have reached the autumn, the harvest of my life, i live to teach all i am.

Yes, the first thing about learning is that you are your knowledge. 

Fortunately i learned nothing in school, and saved myself from becoming a man made concept.

That kept my fire intact, a burning curiosity to discover the ever unfolding mystery of life. 

Speaking in terms of human development, nature was and remains my teacher. 

And that is where i can take you to, your true nature, your qualities.

In this very special time on earth, practice, action, living, sharing, connecting, that is the learning we need. 

Our mental space , our thoughts, our beliefs, our schools, are even more polluted than our oceans.

Learn how to listen to nature, the glorious song of the trees, with all their beloved guests, the birds, the insects, Listen to the sea, the sound of wood burning, listen to your inner nature that sounds just as beautiful. Listen to your heart singing when it does. Learn how to let your heart sing. We have all gathered on this planet today to see the devastating effects of lack of education, lack of understanding. And we are here to re-member how to love and die, how to be honest and generous, to co-garden with all the gods. Re-member our universal origin, consciousness and goodness. In real life.

Enough about me

We have all gathered on this planet today to wake up out of a mindless repetition of trauma. In the mystic traditions life on earth, the human condition is about karma, or trauma, something that makes you go back and correct your mistakes.

That makes the world crisis of today a fascinating adventure. 

If our purpose is to wake up, you could not create better cir-cum-stances than the complete destruction of all other living species.

Obviously something is wrong.

Talking about my generation, i can apply the simple questions of holistic diagnosis to our collective lack of consciousness:

1) When did it start?

2) Is it recognized, accepted, if yes

3) Is it explored, investigated, integrated, inquired into? If yes

4) How can you nurture yourself,, fulfill this need, nourish life deeply ?

Would you like to take your time to answer these? I appreciate you sending me your testimonial of presence in this small and boundless world. You are the solution.

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