Learn how to heal yourself

Learn how to take care of your body:

Do you have the guts? Delicious ways to get the food industry out of your system.

Learn how to take care of your feelings:

Living with the seasons: Let that which made you heal you

Learn how to take care of your mind:

A new world of information is flooding in: Learn how to learn how to learn. Learning by being

Learn how to live: Children are learning how to do what they love, and how to thrive in their lives. They have the support of the whole community. Everybody is passing on, transmitting their qualities to everyone else.

Learn how to shed old skin and reemerge: If someone tells you you have to work for someone else instead of working together with others, they will probably also want to teach you, heal you, tell you what to eat, what to say, which car to buy, what you must do to "survive" They will probably say they are philanthropists, and the reason they destroyed all earth's ecosystems including the earthlings in them is that they were helping clean up, feed, and educate savages.

Learn how to learn how to learn: Even if we are pensioners, we need to go to school again and free our minds from a lot of rubbish. We need to find out the truth in ourselves, be the living proof of the earth and the earthling, the holographic nature of the universe, the solar system in ourselves, and paradise in our hearts.

We have 4% of paradise left on planet Earth. Let's all realize our dreams for all, then paradise will multiply right now!

Universal medicine

That which made you can heal you

We have studied all the medical and healing traditions and all the spiritual traditions to distill the essence of all.

What is the same in all ? The healing, optimizing force of the unified field and the suffering of the illusion of separateness.

Only that which made us can heal us.

Be the solution, a global citizen

 Nations and countries were invented by warring powers

Many indigenous populations were nomadic, taking care of forests and animals and moving with them. As the collective eye opens, we remember the human being that maintains and co-creates with nature. What are the steps that will take you to be that human being?

Links to free studies

Experiencial learning

  • Deepak Chopra

  • Sounds true

  • Cillective trauma healing

  • Global ecovillage network

  • The 4 winds society

  • A new history of humanity and the dawn of civilisation

  • The Dalai Lama

  • Social health systems

  • Wise and well elders

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